An Overview Of The Perks Of Shiitake Mushrooms Logs

Nowadays people are becoming more and more aware of their health. With this their food and living standards are being modified. From olden times edible toadstools have found their place as a superfood in people’s diet. These superfoods are a powerhouse of energy as these sprouting toadstools are foods that provide the health benefits of vegetables and legumes along with meats, beans and grains, all single handedly. The perks and pros of these edible fungi are unlimited. There are numerous types and genus of edible fungus, and each varies in compositions and their health benefits. It is highly beneficial to plan commercial or personal agriculture. And at present cultivating edible fungi spawns are the most profitable, healthy and beneficial way to begin farming.

Many Types and kinds to choose from

There are different types and species of fungi and each requiring spawns and cultivation techniques that are different. One such type of edible toadstool that is popular worldwide for its easy process of production in Shiitake mushroom and to produce it the Shiitake mushroom logs are easy to procure. This type of fungi has become one of the most popular edible toadstools across the globe.

Very easy to cultivate

There are many advantages and economic benefits of this fungus. For cultivating mushrooms it is important to get good quality spawns. Many sellers provide spawns for toadstool, however, it is essential to check the spawns after procuring. Leading distributors in the market of edible fungus and spawns are there to provide the highest quality Shiitake mushroom logs. The spawns provided by them are carefully grown on media that’s standardized for the growth of this type. The key elements that make these logs top quality are:

  • Spawns grown in an environmentally friendly way.
  • The logs are enriched with growth media where the mycelia are accurately inoculated.
  • As the inoculated mycelia are kept in the spawning room before shipping, as soon as people get them they are in nearly ready to flush state. The first flush is ready within 7-11 days.
  • These high-grade fungi compost is of the best quality and high yield. The biological conversion rates are pretty high too.
  • The company provides comprehensive after sales service and the training at any point of cultivation and proved query quenching and guidance throughout cultivation.

Health benefits of these mushrooms

The botanical name for this toadstool is Lentinula edodes and is called the king of all edible mushrooms. Its popularity lies in its health benefits and in ease of production. Its benefits to health include:

  • High level of energy due to amino acids, carbohydrates in form of polysaccharides and a number of vitamins.
  • A multitude of disease-curing properties including the decrease in blood pressures, fights cancer, the decrease of fat, controlling dyspepsia, lowering cholesterol levels and many more.

Growing this superfood

Edible fungi are true superfoods. Their high nutritional value, the convenience of growing, the delectable taste makes them a perfect ingredient for all kinds of American, Japanese and Korean dishes. The ease of cultivation and high yielding capacity makes them a highly profitable and economic choice.

Foods to Look Forward At Up Weddings

For most of the guests attending a saadi food is the most memorable part. In fact far flung relatives and friends look forward to something unique and special in the food arena at the weddings. Meeting the bride and the groom and exchanging niceties are often customary etiquettes that need to be followed. What actually attract them are the trays laden with sumptuous snacks and a huge spread at the buffet table. We bring you some delicacies that make UP weddings special.

Weddings in Uttar Pradesh are entwined in cultural roots of the state with many rituals and religious ceremonies. The family elders play a pivotal role in these weddings with many customs and traditions involving their blessings. Amidst all the grandeur and pomp, food is given high priority as seen in most Indian marriages. Though the food is purely vegan, it is a fine spread of sumptuous savories and sweets.

Sumptuous Starters

At many Uttar Pradesh weddings small eats are served first. They include a fine spread of snacks like vegetarian kebabs of all varieties, the quintessential kachori and also the regular paneer tikkas, Chinese snacks and some chaat varieties. Often there are different snack counters all over the wedding venue with chefs serving hot snacks right out of the fire. Continental snack bars are seen as an emerging trend at many weddings all over the country.

A Lavish Buffet

In olden times most UP Brahmin weddings served food on banana leaves but now in the modern era everyone prefers to go with formal crockery and cutlery. The main course includes a lavish spread of vegan delicacies- some typically from the state and others from all over the country. Typical UP favourites include a wide variety of dals, an array of paneer dishes, the evergreen stuffed tava sabzi and poori and aloo, which is another favourite. A huge spread of bread basket goes well with these yummy dishes. Some popular ones are rumali roti, besan roti, lachha parantha and missi roti. Most UP weddings round it up with some Awadhi style biryani served with raita and salad.

Sweets- A Gastronomical Delight

No Indian meal is complete without something sweet and UP weddings are known to have an array of sweet dishes especially at their weddings. Some hot favourites are Moong dal halwa, Rabri and Mal Puaa, Dahi Jalebi, Gaajar Halwa and a variety of kheers.

In Uttar Pradesh weddings are a grand affair and people leave no stone unturned to make it a memorable event with the ritualistic fervor playing a pivotal role and delicious food. Come join in this gastronomical bonanza and relish some gourmands that are an essential part of every UP saadi.

Catering Van for Your Mobile Food Business

If you’re planning on starting a food business but don’t have enough capital to put-up a diner or a restaurant, you may want to consider starting your food business through a mobile catering van.

There are a lot of mobile food businesses these days and they cater to a wide range of customers. From offering burgers, hotdogs and deli sandwiches to numerous beverages; these mobile food businesses thrive when exposed to the right market.

This being said, starting this type of business requires careful study in order to get it off the ground towards the right direction. If you are passionate about food and people, you’ve got two very important factors already under your belt.


One of the first things you need to consider when starting this kind of business is the product that you would like to offer. Since a catering van, although well-equipped with cooking paraphernalia, still has its limitations, hence; food or beverage that is easy to prepare should be considered.

If you are jumping on the bandwagon and would want to sell burgers and other fast food items; consider your selling point. Do you have a special ingredient or recipe that would make your burgers or sandwiches more appealing to your prospective customers?

Perhaps you can offer your items at lower prices but still of superior quality. Thinking of a come-on to attract customers and keep them coming back for more is essential to stabilize your business and also to allow you to expand in the future.

Who is your target market and where do you plan to park your mobile business? Mobile of course means that you can transfer from one place to the next without trouble, but staying in one particular area at a time could increase your clientele before moving on to the next.

Costing and budgeting come next. This includes expenses for your ingredients and packaging, gasoline and other expenditures. You should also include here the amount you shelled-out for your catering van.

If getting a brand new van is not possible at this time, there are a lot of second-hand vans that you can purchase and you may find some great deals on the internet.


As mentioned, there are a lot of used vans for catering that you can find on the internet. These are full-equipped with essential cooking utilities such as oven, microwave oven, a sink, stovetop and even a small refrigerator.

You may also add other cooking equipment if there are other things you deem essential for your cooking. The prices may vary but you can get a pretty good deal on these and the prices are usually still negotiable, depending on the owner of the van.

You can arrange with the owner for an ocular inspection and even a test drive so you can see the exact condition of the van and decide on whether or not it is what you actually need.

Most used vans are specifically equipped for certain food products such as a burger van or a sandwich van; and even a beverage van; so you may also check these factors out when looking for your mobile food van.

New Changing Trends In The Pet Snack And Pet Food Business

It really has been only just about sixty years or so that bagged and canned processed dog and cat food has been such a popular market item. Prior to that, people generally fed their beloved pets their own prepared blends that were concocted in the kitchens of their homes. When was the last time that you prepared a good “home cooked” meal for your beloved pet?

Dogs Hate Boring Food

Have you ever taken a little taste of the dried kibble that you may be feeding your dog on a daily basis? Probably not and the fact is that it is perfectly safe to do so. However; you know perfectly well what your pet has known even longer and that is that it your dogs kibble is bland and boring tasting. This is why every time that you prepare a nice meal for yourself or your family, your dog seems to take a particular interest in the food that you are preparing.

Pet Food Business’s Now Offer More

Maybe its time that you checked out the new trend in the dog food business that has appeared as a result of dog and cat owners everywhere waking up to the fact that their pets have taste buds too. New better tasting dog foods, as well as a broader range of newer delicious snacks are now being snatched off the shelves by pet owners who realty care about what their four legged friends think of them.

Pets Need Snacks Too

Progressive proprietors of these new pet food businesses are finding that dogs and cats actually have a more eclectic taste for pet food and snacks then people previously thought. Did you know that your dog may love peanut butter-carrot snacks and that a snack such as this is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can help to extend the life of your faithful friend? Maybe now is the time that you give back some of the love that your dog or cat has been sending your way by ordering some of these new tastier and more healthy pet snacks that can be easily found online.