Foods to Look Forward At Up Weddings

For most of the guests attending a saadi food is the most memorable part. In fact far flung relatives and friends look forward to something unique and special in the food arena at the weddings. Meeting the bride and the groom and exchanging niceties are often customary etiquettes that need to be followed. What actually attract them are the trays laden with sumptuous snacks and a huge spread at the buffet table. We bring you some delicacies that make UP weddings special.

Weddings in Uttar Pradesh are entwined in cultural roots of the state with many rituals and religious ceremonies. The family elders play a pivotal role in these weddings with many customs and traditions involving their blessings. Amidst all the grandeur and pomp, food is given high priority as seen in most Indian marriages. Though the food is purely vegan, it is a fine spread of sumptuous savories and sweets.

Sumptuous Starters

At many Uttar Pradesh weddings small eats are served first. They include a fine spread of snacks like vegetarian kebabs of all varieties, the quintessential kachori and also the regular paneer tikkas, Chinese snacks and some chaat varieties. Often there are different snack counters all over the wedding venue with chefs serving hot snacks right out of the fire. Continental snack bars are seen as an emerging trend at many weddings all over the country.

A Lavish Buffet

In olden times most UP Brahmin weddings served food on banana leaves but now in the modern era everyone prefers to go with formal crockery and cutlery. The main course includes a lavish spread of vegan delicacies- some typically from the state and others from all over the country. Typical UP favourites include a wide variety of dals, an array of paneer dishes, the evergreen stuffed tava sabzi and poori and aloo, which is another favourite. A huge spread of bread basket goes well with these yummy dishes. Some popular ones are rumali roti, besan roti, lachha parantha and missi roti. Most UP weddings round it up with some Awadhi style biryani served with raita and salad.

Sweets- A Gastronomical Delight

No Indian meal is complete without something sweet and UP weddings are known to have an array of sweet dishes especially at their weddings. Some hot favourites are Moong dal halwa, Rabri and Mal Puaa, Dahi Jalebi, Gaajar Halwa and a variety of kheers.

In Uttar Pradesh weddings are a grand affair and people leave no stone unturned to make it a memorable event with the ritualistic fervor playing a pivotal role and delicious food. Come join in this gastronomical bonanza and relish some gourmands that are an essential part of every UP saadi.